• Beautiful cladding and landscaping products

  • Impressive product guarantees

  • Manufacturing clay brick for 160 years

Founded in 1861, Shaw Brick is a leading manufacturer, distributor and retailer of high-quality clay brick, concrete block and natural stone products for the landscaping and building sectors in Atlantic Canada. Shaw Brick has continued to refine and grow its selection of products and is continually increasing their distribution of other products to include wall coverings such as metal, ceramic and fiber cement as examples.

The original clay brick we began manufacturing in Lantz, Nova Scotia 160 years ago were the building blocks of a company that would go on to become a local household name and change the landscape of Atlantic Canada. Today, Shaw Brick continues to manufacture brick, and over the years has added new products to enhance the beauty of homes, yards, and entire communities with high quality, sustainable, locally made and affordable products.

  • Master-planned community developers

  • Building multi-generational communities with real estate solutions for every stage of life

  • Developing partnerships, friendships, opportunities and legacies

Since its inception in 1959, Clayton Developments Limited has become Atlantic Canada’s premier community developer. A division of The Shaw Group Limited, we’re part of 160 years of business success. We’re proud to have created communities for more than 70,000 residents to call “home”, while producing a substantial economic impact and exceeding a billion dollars in developed real estate. Our communities are well-planned, well-known and well-loved.

  • Concrete pipes and manholes

  • Innovative, first-to-market products

  • Services and support for a full solution

Since 1945, Shaw Precast Solutions has become well known for providing the highest quality precast concrete products throughout Atlantic Canada. More than a manufacturer, Shaw Precast is a true solutions provider, offering a full suite of manufactured licensed products, internal design services, and technical on-site installation support.

  • Aggregates serving many markets

  • Serves consumers through leading retail outlets

  • Produces Eastern Embers wood pellets

Shaw Resources is the leading supplier of industrial and specialized aggregates and wood pellets with an expansive distribution network. Just like aggregates add strength to other building materials, the introduction of Shaw Resources in 1966 quickly began to add strength to The Shaw Group Limited and its companies. While our manufacturing facilities are located in Hardwoodlands and Coldbrook, Nova Scotia; and Belledune, New Brunswick; our products are widely used across Atlantic Canada, Quebec and internationally throughout the northeastern USA and Europe.

  • Building construction and long-term rental ownership

  • Multiple residential apartment buildings

  • Townhome rental developments

Shaw Living is one of The Shaw Group Limited’s newest divisions with a focus on construction and long-term rental ownership. Born out of the initial corporate strategy of ‘adding value to land’, Shaw Living has grown substantially from one multi-residential building investment and one ground-based modular project, to involvement in more than 500 units of multi-residential development and several ground-based modular projects running simultaneously. Shaw Living wholly owns several buildings and is also a proud partner with other real estate developers and builders. Since 2017, the division has expanded from a staff of two to currently employing more than 30 individuals with skill sets ranging from project managers to supervisors to general laborers.

  • Quality furniture for schools, libraries, municipalities and offices

  • Custom manufacturing and innovative design

Since its inception in 1948, Ven-Rez Products has established itself as a leading Canadian manufacturer of educational, institutional and library furniture. Our 120,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in Shelburne, Nova Scotia, has easy access to transportation infrastructure, allowing us to supply both North American and International markets. From classroom chairs, desks and tables, to library shelving and seating, our product quality and durability has been tested by decades of high usage and has proven to stand the test of time, over and over again.

  • Manufacturing beautiful and functional modular homes since 1973
  • Offering various home styles, layouts and sizes to suit your lifestyle

  • The Prestige Approach: A buying process with 5 easy phases

Prestige Homes has been manufacturing beautiful and functional modular homes since 1973, from our manufacturing facility located in Sussex, New Brunswick. This is where our skilled employees precision-engineer modules (sections) of homes to be delivered to the home site, where they are then fitted together and roofing, siding, drywall and flooring are installed.

  • Fostering community engagement

  • Community activation events

  • Partnerships with local companies

Established in 2017, Shaw Lifestyle is The Shaw Group Limited’s newest division. If the other Shaw Group companies are the building blocks to creating and serving communities, Shaw Lifestyle is the mortar that connects community members to each other – and to experiences that enrich their lives.

Shaw Lifestyle’s purpose is to foster community engagement, relationships and create a sense of belonging. The division offers community residents opportunities to interact with their neighbours by organizing and hosting events and activities for all ages and interests. By fostering these relationships, residents don’t just live on a street, they live in – and are a contributing part of – a community.

  • Delivering sustainable energy solutions

  • Trusted products that come from a socially responsible and renewable source.

  • Top-of-the-line wood pellets, wood briquettes, and a natural equine bedding

Beginning with Eastern Embers Premium Wood Pellets in 1995, Shaw Renewables continues to deliver sustainable energy solutions by converting biomass waste into quality biofuel products.

We meet multiple certifications for quality and sustainability, so customers can trust they are receiving products that come from a socially responsible and renewable source. This reflects our commitment to the protection of the environment around our wood pellet plants, as well as our commitment to providing our employees with a safe working environment.

We produce and package top-of-the-line wood pellets and a natural equine bedding alternative that can be found at local building supply stores across Atlantic Canada. We also deliver bulk domestic wood pellets to local schools and supply international markets with an industrial wood pellet to fulfill demands for sustainable energy alternatives to fossil fuels.